Case Studies

May 5, 2014
lean healthcare, lean hospital

Grand River Hospital and St Mary’s General Hospital

In healthcare today, having to do more with less goes with the territory. Volumes are increasing five to ten percent every year, regulatory and administrative burdens are becoming more restrictive, and wait times are rising. Already stretched providers struggle to keep up, even as healthcare consumes a growing chunk of the provinces
May 4, 2014
lean healthcare, lean hospital, lean laboratory

Microbiology Laboratory at Ottawa Hospital

One of the ongoing issues in any laboratory is change. The Microbiology Laboratory of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is no exception. Throughout major changes of staffing, policies, procedures, and budgetary constraints, it is difficult to focus on the day-to-day procedural issues of processing specimens in the most efficient manner and addressing staff concerns.
May 3, 2014
lean manufacturing, lean management, lean principles, toyota roduction system, TPS

Lean Implementation in the SLC Electronics Factory

Lean implementation is a challenge in any area, but it was a special challenge in the electronics factory, where a large number of different products/models flow across the same shared resources and assembly lines. The electronics factory today makes over 188 product models (122 types of SMT cards, 25 wave-style cards, 18 types of harnesses, and 23 types of chassis), not to mention over 200 different spares which do not follow a regular production schedule.
May 2, 2014
lean office, lean administration, lean principles, agile office, kaizen

Lean Office Implementation at MDS Nordion

Introduction MDS Nordion is a world leader in the supply of isotopes for medical purposes. It is a highly regulated business, and this is reflected in many internal processes. Several factors contributed to the recognition for a need to change these processes and find opportunities to streamline the work. We saw that the principles of Lean could be applied to the office.