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To deliver the best training materials and improve the opportunities for each of our clients, Lean Advisors is collaborating and partnering with two training organizations; Automated Learning and Radical Transformation.

Working together, we can offer more choices, plus improve the quality and delivery of our training services to each of our clients

What We Do

We offer online training and certification for | Lean Transformation, not just tools | Lean Culture, not just methods | Lean Practice, not just theory.

Lean Transformation requires a much wider focus than simply completing a series of improvement projects - what’s needed is a cultural transformation to drive a different level of thinking for the application of continuous improvement methods that will permeate throughout an entire organization.

  • Our consultants work with clients all over the world.
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  • Our support team is available by email or phone.
  • Access to online training materials 24/7/365 .
  • We provide the best online training.

How We Do It

At Lean Advisors, we know change like this does not come easily, and our approach includes all levels of the organization. We start the Lean journey with the senior leadership team, briefing them in lean culture, lean thinking, lean tools, and lean process best practices within their sector to help them anticipate the changes they will be supporting. Next, a unique Value Stream Mapping process redefines all activity with respect to customer value, and through an analysis of current and future states, outlines the key interventions that will drive Lean transformation. The resulting Plans identify the most effective sequence of activities including highly visible quick wins as well as more complex improvements. As the teams gain confidence, we introduce lean processes that go deeper, attacking the cultural barriers that so often hold organizations back from true lean transformation. As the Kaizen culture begins to take hold, we fade into the background as the newly anointed internal Lean leaders begin to shape the destiny of their company. We hope you will review some of our programs and courses, and especially our case studies, where you can learn first hand from men and women who are using Lean practices to change their organization.



We have representatives in London, UK, Toronto Canada, Phoenix Arizona, Portland Oregon, and New York NY.


We have worked with clients in the UK, USA, Canada, and Mexico.


Our projects range from one day training sessions to several years. We pride ourselves on providing support as our clients work through their lean implementation!

years of experience!

Collectively, our consultants bring with them, a total of 150 years of hands-on experience in the continuous improvement field!

How we got started

Lean Advisors, was founded over a decade ago. It is a Lean Training and Consulting firm that provides experienced senior lean consultants to deliver unique programs to organizations across North America. Lean Advisors Training and Consulting workshops provide a wealth of knowledge and practical hands-on experience to our clients which results in helping them to transform their organizations with lean thinking and process improvement.

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